Electric Car Charging point (32 Amp 7.2 kW)   

Ample parking on secure driveway for 2/3 cars behind electric gates.

The Studio @ Pevensey Bay - Free Charging for BMW i3 Electric Car
EV Socketed Data Sheet
EV Socketed Data

Solar panels for electricity 

Surplus energy being used to heat the immersion tank, reducing and even eliminating the need for the gas boiler during the summer. The immersion tank is oversized to provide ample hot water for the house.

Solar panels

Rainwater harvesting for flushing loos

Old cesspit used for collecting the rainwater that would otherwise have gone into the drainage system.

Heat recovery ventilation system via a heat exchanger giving fresh air in every room 

 Heat recovery ventilation system via a heat exchanger giving fresh air in every room, by recycling energy from old warm air to fresh air. Along with high levels of insulation and draft proofing producing a very low carbon footprint.

Coupled with a room sealed log burner that draws its combustion air directly from its own external supply makes for a highly efficient heating option. (A conventional log burner draws the air used for combustion from the room, the room would then draw in cold air from outside which is counter productive.

Huge Burley Woodburner 12Kw

SunJoy radiant heat panel and boiling hot water tap in kitchen

Only heating the water you need for the mug rather than a kettle.



Slate tiles from original roof

When we renovated The Studio there were not enough good slate tiles to retile the roof. So we have recycled them to build dwarf retaining walls in the garden.

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